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SMACK DOWN! Here comes the Pain!

Change your life/Just do it!

26 April 1966
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Ive decided to start writing in my live journal again for 2009 its been a while. So if you like cooking, the food nextwork channel, print new recipes all the time, movies, salads, planting flowers, Kitchen gadgets, IM ALL EARS.

I'm a short, chubby 38 year old that just recently remarried August 7th 2003, have no children of my very on but have two step children. They are great ! (((PICTURE OF ME ON 09-23-2004 )) IM THE BLONDE IN THE WHITE SHIRT.

Having new in-laws not so great. I wasn't there the first 15 or so years so its not so easy at times. (Caught in the under-tow of the Ex-wife) I'm working on my attitude towards this subject.
I love makeup, high heels, and I'm the only one I know that still loves big hair....

My all time favorite thing to do is cook on the weekends and add ingredients that I think they left out. This is not always a good thing. I love finding new recipes and jazzing them up a bit....

I'm married to a man I adore, he's great, has that little bad boy look, He's always there for me and I will always be there for him. He's also some what of a Neat Freak.

Always looking for a Great New Diet/I'm a sucker and have tried things over the years. I've came to the conclusion the only way to really lose is FAST....nothing goes in ---nothing can show up. Might I say too,,,I'm not good at Fasting....still working on this concept but its the only answer. Now if only I could Stick to the Fasting.....ANOREXIA!

I also love Crunchy beef taco's...more than one should...huge weakness!

aroma's, beach(dauphin island), candles, cheese, crunchy beef taco's....love them!, diets, draft beer, experimental cooking, food network channel., gardening flowers no veggies, houston, mobile al, movies, salads, scrapbooking(photos)second marriage, weight